In the face of two temporary restraining orders, Bombshells chooses to close its doors

Bombshells, Bombshells closes in face of temporary restraining orders

Bombshells restaurant and bar must comply with two temporary restraining orders in legal efforts to hold the bar accountable for putting profits over the safety of our community. Yesterday, Judge Kirkland denied Bombshells’ request to lift the temporary restraining order banning them from selling alcohol. Shortly after that hearing, the judge was supposed to hear Bombshells’ motion to dissolve our temporary restraining order. Instead, Bombshells dropped their motion, entering an agreed order with us. We represent a Houston police officer who was injured when Jeremy Leos drove after drinking at Bombshells and crashed into our client’s patrol SUV.

At the end of the day, Bombshells must comply with both orders. The restaurant and bar cannot sell alcohol for the next few weeks and they must not damage, modify, alter, sell, or dispose of any of the following:

  • Recordings from videos, phones, or handheld cameras
  • Any social media posts from May 19th or 20th, 2018
  • Any and all records about what, when, and how many drinks Bombshells served Mr. Leos that night as well as in the 6 months prior to when he crashed into our client’s patrol SUV.
  • Any recorded statements about Mr. Leos
  • All receipts and bank statements from Mr. Leos and Bombshells from the past 6 months that show his purchases at Bombshells.

The District Attorney announced last week that she wants to permanently shut down the “crime factory” that is Bombshells. Bombshells’ attorney argued that the temporary restraining order means 120 people are out of a job, even though the DA’s temporary restraining order doesn’t prevent the restaurant from serving food. According to prosecutors, Bombshells has decided to close its doors rather than only sell food. Instead of choosing to operate safely, the restaurant has chosen to blame the DA for the lost jobs.

These temporary restraining orders do two things:

  1. Prevent Bombshells from selling and serving alcohol.
  2. Prevent Bombshells from destroying, tampering with, modifying, or altering any evidence that relates to them selling and serving alcohol to someone who chose to drove drunk and injured our client.

Both restraining orders will help the DA and our firm hold Bombshells accountable for their negligence. As Brian Beckcom stated in an interview with ABC 13’s Melanie Lawson about our case against Bombshells,”They ought to be ashamed of themselves. They are putting everybody that drives on the street at risk in Houston.” For continuing updates on this litigation, contact us.

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