Greyhound found negligent in 2013 Pennsylvania wreck on I-80

Written by Emily

Huge victory for our client today!  She was a passenger on the Greyhound bus that crashed on I – 80 in Pennsylvania in 2013, injuring multiple passengers and killing one. Greyhound’s driver fell asleep behind the wheel and violently rear-ended a garbage truck on the interstate in the middle of the night.  The bus driver fell asleep because Greyhound intentionally disobeyed its own safety rules designed to keep its drivers awake, because the company made more money that way.

Passengers filed lawsuits in four different states.  In two states, juries decided the bus company was negligent and grossly negligent in causing the crash, and liable for punitive damages, awarding tens of millions of dollars.  Based on evidence in those trials, it is abundantly clear that Greyhound puts profits over the safety of its bus passengers and others on our roadways.

Our case is pending in federal court in Philadelphia.  We filed a lengthy motion asking the federal judge to order Greyhound and its driver responsible for the crash under the legal doctrine called “collateral estoppel.”  Greyhound and its lawyers fought this motion tooth and nail, asking the judge to please not do it.

Fortunately, the judge agreed with us and we won the motion on all counts.  Specifically, in our case:

  1. Greyhound and its driver are liable for negligence,
  2. Greyhound is liable for gross negligence,
  3. Greyhound’s driver did not suffer any alleged “medical emergency” (like Greyhound unsuccessfully tried to argue at the prior trials), and
  4. 100% of the negligence is on Greyhound and its driver and nobody else.

As a result, this case will be tried solely on compensatory and punitive damages.

Greyhound still has not learned its lesson, and we look forward to our jury sending a very strong message to Greyhound and the entire bus industry that it is not acceptable to put profits over the safety of bus riders as well as the rest of us who share our public roadways with buses.

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Emily Corwin


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