Injured HPD officer receives generous gift from Mattress Mack and Gallery Furniture

Written by Emily

Mattress Mack donated a recliner to our client, Houston Police Officer Chayne Brothers, to help him recover from the injuries he received in a crash caused by a drunk driver in May 2018.

Both of our client’s wrists were broken in the crash, which occurred while he was on duty. He had emergency surgery to repair the damage to one wrist and may need surgery on his other wrist. His doctors wanted him to keep his wrists elevated and recommended that he purchase a recliner. He needed a way to prevent his arms from moving in his sleep. As it was, Officer Brothers was getting about an hour of sleep at a time, so the recliner would help him be comfortable while keeping his wrists where his doctors wanted them.

Mattress Mack’s generous gift helps Houston Police Officer

When Officer Brothers went to Gallery Furniture, he met Mattress Mack and told him why he needed the recliner. Mattress Mack’s generosity toward his fellow Houstonians and toward first responders resulted in him giving Officer Brothers a top of the line recliner for free. Officer Brothers says the recliner has made it easier to keep his arms elevated and help him sleep. It’s helped his recovery. He told Ron Trevino with KHOU that, “I started getting rest at night and in the day… it really did help out me and my family a lot.”

Officer Brothers has filed a million dollar lawsuit against the restaurant that overserved the driver who hit him as well as its parent company, RCI Hospitality Holdings, and the drunk driver. Bombshells, the restaurant, has been called a “crime factory” by the Harris County District Attorney, whose office has filed their own civil lawsuit to shut down the restaurant for good. Patrons of Bombshells have racked up too many DUIs for the city to not act. The bar and restaurant has been linked to over 90 alcohol-related crimes and has been cited over 70 times for serving alcohol to minors. To find out more about this lawsuit call 877-724-7800 or email Emily@VBAttorneys.com.

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