Injured Houston real estate agent hires VB Attorneys after car crash

Written by Ashley

A Houston real estate agent has hired VB Attorneys after being injured in a car accident. On August 21, 2018, our client was traveling north on Attingham Road in Houston, Texas when she was struck in the right front side of her vehicle by a driver coming out of a private driveway.

The at fault driver received a citation for failure to yield right of way. Our client’s vehicle has been considered a total loss by the insurance company. 

Since the accident, our client has been undergoing treatment for serious injuries she sustained in the crash. These injuries have interrupted her personal and professional life as she has had to limit time spent working in her real estate business. We are currently still investigating this case  but we will provide updates as it progresses. 

Time is not on your side after a car accident. Learn how VB Attorneys settled a Houston legal assistant’s claim in less than two months.

If you have been in a similar type of car crash, find out how we can help you! Call us at (877) 724-7800 or fill out our free, confidential contact form.



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