How a focus group can affect the outcome of your insurance lawsuit

Written by Emily

The focus group is a trial attorney’s secret weapon. When you ask a trial attorney how they won that record-breaking eight or nine figure settlement, the answer will be, “I focus grouped my case.” At VB Attorneys, we use focus groups in every type of case – from car wrecks to wrongful death cases and large insurance claims. We prepare cases as if they are going to trial, which means we test every aspect of our clients’ cases to make sure we know what a potential jury will think of the case. This level of preparation is necessary for several reasons, including:

  • Testing your case. We need to know what a potential jury in that county will think of your case. Having a focus group of potential jurors tell us their honest opinion about whether you have a case or not can be a good indicator of how your case will turn out.
  • Determining the value of your case. Every insurance claim is valued according to similar verdicts and settlements. But that doesn’t mean your individual case won’t settle for a different amount. Our goal is to get you the compensation you deserve, which may mean you deserve much more than any similar verdicts or settlements. One way we determine what your case is worth is by presenting your case to a focus group of potential jurors and having them tell us what they think your case is worth.
  • Examining the facts and evidence. Whether a case seems straightforward or complex, you never know what a jury will focus on until you ask them. We use focus groups to tell us what evidence they think is important. Knowing what your jury will zero in on before you walk into trial can make or break your case.

At our firm, focus groups are a natural component of winning your case. They have enabled us to obtain multiple eight-figure settlements and a $17,720,000 jury verdict in a wrongful death lawsuit. We also conduct focus groups for other firms, which allows us to gain insights into an even broader range of lawsuits.

When you are searching for attorneys to hire for your case, find out if they have ever done a focus group or would consider focus grouping your case. If the answer is no, they are not the right firm for you. To talk to our attorneys about your case, contact us at 877-724-7800 or fill out a contact form.

Emily Corwin


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