Bombshells “crime factory” to open 4 new locations in Houston before 2019

Bombshells restaurant opens 4 locations, crime factory, RCI Hospitality Holdings

Bombshells restaurant and bar in Southeast Houston has been called a “crime factory” by District Attorney Kim Ogg. The WWII-themed restaurant is tied to multiple DWIs and over 90 alcohol-related crimes. These crimes have resulted in at least one death.

WWII-themed restaurant is a ticking time bomb, endangering Houstonians’ lives

A police officer is the latest victim of Bombshells’ flagrant disregard for the safety of Houstonians. Officer Chayne Brothers was injured when his patrol car was hit by an intoxicated driver who had been drinking at Bombshells. The driver was arrested for intoxication assault of a police officer. This wasn’t the only wreck involving people who had been drinking at Bombshells in 2018. Reports of bar fights and other alcohol-related incidents have also kept the restaurant in the news since it opened.

In February 2018, a man was over-served at the same Bombshells location near Fuqua Street. The man left the restaurant around 2:30 a.m. intoxicated. He drove south on the Gulf Freeway at speeds reaching 150 mph, crashed, and died. His family is suing the restaurant for more than $1,000,000 for continuing to serve him alcohol even though he was already drunk.

Bombshells opening 4 new locations in Houston by 2019

Bombshells just opened a location in Pearland that seats over 400 people. The company will be opening 3 other Houston locations before 2019 at I-10 in east Houston, US 59 and the Southwest Freeway, and US 249 in north Houston. Bombshells is a subsidiary of RCI Hospitality Holdings.

In a press release about these new Houston locations, the Director of Restaurant Operations, David Simmons, stated, “Bombshells is dedicated to providing greater value to our guests, being community friendly as well as community involved. People in Houston have responded to that, encouraging us to open more units.”

VB Attorneys joins Houston District Attorney in seeking to hold Bombshells accountable for putting profits over safety

The District Attorney filed a civil lawsuit to shut down Bombshells. On June 6, 2018, she obtained a Temporary Restraining Order to prevent the restaurant from serving any alcohol in the next 14 days. This lawsuit is an effort to “stop the carnage that results from many intoxicated people leaving Bombshells and hurting someone else,” according to DA Ogg. If the behavior doesn’t change, the DA seeks to close the bar. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is also moving to cancel their liquor license.

VB Attorneys represents Officer Brothers, the police officer injured when an intoxicated driver crashed into the back of his patrol car on May 20, 2018. Officer Brothers hired us to help him hold Bombshells accountable for putting profits over the safety of every Houstonian. We filed a motion for a Temporary Restraining Order against Bombshells on June 8, 2018. We are seeking to prevent Bombshells from tampering with, altering, destroying, or damaging any evidence from the night when our client was hit.

For more information about this case and to receive continuing developments in this litigation, contact Emily@vbattorneys.com.

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