Was your Harvey insurance claim denied? We can help

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If your Harvey insurance claim has been denied, you’re not alone. We’ve had hundreds of clients and friends call us about their insurance companies denying honest claims. Whether it was a wind damage claim, a flood insurance claim, a homeowner’s insurance claim, or another type of claim depending on how your property was damaged, insurance companies are denying these claims left and right.

It doesn’t matter if you filed your claim perfectly with all the documentation – your insurance company doesn’t want to pay Harvey claims. Even if you haven’t filed your insurance claim yet, you are probably worried about your insurance company denying it.

That’s where Shane McClelland and his excellent team at the Law Offices of Shane McClelland come in. They have had a lot of success in these types of insurance claims. And they’re teaming up with another rockstar firm, Weisbrod Matteis & Copley, to make sure you get the best legal representation. I strongly encourage you to call this number to discuss your potential insurance claims: (844) 681-6054. Their goal is to try to get you some funds via these insurance claims.

Also, if you were flooded by the Addicks or Barker reservoirs in the wake of Harvey and had insurance coverage, this would be a short-term way to get some funds while we continue to handle your takings case against the federal government. If you haven’t yet consulted us about your Addicks or Barker reservoir flood claim, fill out the contact form at HurricaneHarveyLawsuitHelp.com. The consultation is 100% free and 100% confidential. We will tell you if you qualify to join these flood lawsuits and answer all of your questions.

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One Thought on Was your Harvey insurance claim denied? We can help
  1. Yes… State Farm denied everything but the roof, and I had to fight for that.
    There wasn’t an evacuation order, so they wouldn’t cover any of the damages from flooding… nothing. I’ve had that policy since we bought the house in 1995. Once compassionate adjuster finally gave me $800 to cover loss of contents of freezers. When the policy came up for renewal, they didn’t raise the rate… they RAISED THE COVERAGES! As we know, even if you take out a $million policy on your property, they won’t cover above market value. By the way… in 2017 my HCAD property value was $124,286, now $84,356 for 2018.
    I am already in your system as a plaintiff against the Army Corps of Engineers..

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