How to improve your memory by 20%

Written by Brian

For me, this Texas heat sure makes spending time outside feel dreary. Heck, with 94-degree weather & an extreme heat index even walking to my car is a massive inconvenience. I’ve even resorted to walking my dog after sundown to spare myself (and my dog) from such an intolerable heat.

All that being said, for many of you, summer is winding down & cooler days are upon us. And although summer will expire, the busy days never do. We work diligently every day to stay ahead at work & have successful careers. After that, we like to tend to our personal lives. We make time to look after our friends, family, & spend time with our children. But when do we have the time to focus on personal success & self-improvement?

The idea of self-improvement can sometimes feel like an insurmountable or overly-ambitious & time-consuming task. But! Science tells us that simply spending some time outside & near trees can be good for our overall health & success.

Here are a few ways that simply spending some time in nature can boost your chances of being successful in life.

  1. Studies conducted at the University of Michigan found that students who took a stroll where there were trees performed 20% better in a short-term memory test than those who walked in non-wooded areas.
  2. Need to catch a break from your stressful routine? Studies show that spending a couple of days in the forest will reduce the hormone cortisol that dictates how stressed you feel.
  3. Walking outside has been found to be restorative & can help you increase your ability to concentrate. Researchers have also begun to use “nature dosages” for treating people with ADHD or attention deficit disorder.
  4. Spending time in the great outdoors can serve as a remedy from “mental fatigue”. Simply looking at images of nature can boost your mental energy!
  5. Wooded camping & taking trips to your nearest nature reserve can have noticeably positive impacts on your immune system. Simply spending time in a forest allows your body to absorb many of the active ingredients that are only found in nature & are known to boost your immune system.
  6. Mental health seems to be at the top of everyone’s agenda in today’s world. One way to you can alleviate the symptoms that come from anxiety & depression is to catch some “green exercise” or simply said, going on a walk through your nearest nature trail.
  7. Want to live longer? Nature’s mental health benefits, immune system boosts, and overall encouragement to walk & exercise may lead to your life’s longevity. Increasing the time you spend outside can decrease a person’s mortality rate by 12%!

If you’ve been intrigued & would like to learn more, click here to listen to the podcast.

Brian Beckcom


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