Smiling makes you happy

Written by Brian

Here’s a great gift you can give to your family and friends, immediately, every day, for free, that will make everyone happy.

Smile and laugh more.

That’s right. Pretty simple, eh? It sure is.

But like a lot of things in life, it’s simple, yet profound.

Think about the times when you’ve been around little kids. Think about how you react and feel when a child smiles at you.

Do you smile back?

Do you feel happy?

It’s almost impossible not to smile back and feel happy. The genuine happiness exuded by kids is contagious. We can’t help but feel happy and smile back at them.

Decades of research have established beyond any doubt that smiling and laughing boost our well-being, reduce anxiety and stress, and help us cope with events in our lives – good or bad.

Lots of people think that our emotions dictate our facial expressions and body language. But did you know that it is actually just the opposite: our facial expressions and body language have a powerful effect on how we feel emotionally.

Studies show smiling has a direct impact on your emotions

In The How of Happiness, Dr. Sonja Lyubormirsky writes about a bunch of amazing studies on smiling.

Studies have demonstrated that when you smile, it has a direct impact on brain activities associated with happiness and positive emotions. In other words, if you are feeling gloomy or unhappy, the simple physical act of smiling or laughing can boost your mood.

She talks about a study that looked at what happened in people’s brains when moms smiled at their infants. This study found that moms who smile at their infants impact the emotions of their children. These infants begin to express positive emotions as well.

So, by smiling at your child you are actually giving them the gift of happiness. You can smile at your child whenever you want and it doesn’t cost a thing – in fact, you get rewarded in return.

Brian Beckcom


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