Amica Insurance settles car wreck lawsuit by businessman

On the evening of April 8, 2004, our client, a business executive in his mid 30s, was driving a 2002 sports car on Kirby Drive. His wife was sitting in the passenger seat. He collided with the defendant’s car near the intersection with West Alabama Street when the defendant pulled out of a driveway.Our client had to have medical attention—including steroid injections—and physical therapy for a neck injury discovered a few days after the collision. The defendant claimed that the neck injury was an old one, and that the accident occurred only because the plaintiff was driving too fast without looking carefully for other vehicles.The police officer who investigated the accident charged the defendant driver with failing to yield the right of way.After mediation, our client accepted a settlement of $115,000.


$115,000 Settlement; attorneys’ fees were $38,333.33 and expenses were $24,928.12.

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