Energy company settles lawsuit brought by injured Houstonian

Energy company settles lawsuit brought by Houstonian injured in wreck

For some people, getting hurt in a wreck is the worst thing that could happen to them. For others, getting hurt in a wreck is the worst thing that could happen to their loved ones. Our client is the primary caretaker for his wife, who suffered a serious stroke. His ability to move her, lift her, turn her were impaired because of the injuries he suffered in this wreck. He felt he wasn’t living up to his vow to care for her in sickness and in health.

The wreck happened in December 2015 here in Houston. Our client was driving down the road when an energy company truck made an abrupt turn into traffic into our client’s path. Our client’s left hand went through the windshield. His neck was also injured in the wreck. He turned to us for help in January 2017. He had been receiving treatment for his injuries long enough for his providers to determine he was impaired and would have permanent nerve damage.

Lawsuit filed against energy company settles for confidential amount

A year after the wreck, his injuries continued to prevent him from caring for his wife. He hired Curtis to file a lawsuit against the energy company. The lawsuit alleged that the energy company employee behind the wheel at the time of the wreck was inattentive and driving recklessly at the time of the wreck. In his investigation, Curtis discovered the energy company employee had a history of causing wrecks while on the job. The energy company agreed to mediation. The lawsuit settled after mediation for a confidential amount.

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