Jury Decides Centerpoint Energy Should Pay Injured Driver

It began with a traffic collision in Pasadena.Our client was a 50-year-old salesperson who was driving a van in Pasadena on June 28, 2005. While he was stopped by a red light at the intersection of Fairmount Parkway and Pansy Street, he was struck from the rear by another vehicle: a truck owned by Centerpoint Energy Houston Electric, LLC, which a company employee was driving.Our client suffered a herniated disc in the neck between the C4 and C5 vertebrae. This injury was so severe that he had to undergo surgery to fuse the neck bones and remove part of the damaged disc. With Brian A. Beckcom as his attorney, he filed a lawsuit against Centerpoint Energy for its employee’s negligence.

Centerpoint Energy denied liability for the incident. It claimed that our client’s injuries were actually pre-existing conditions that could be traced back in medical records for over a decade.

It ended with a jury verdict in favor of our client.

Attempts to settle this case out of the courtroom did not succeed, and the suit went to trial. The jury eventually agreed with the plaintiff, our client. It found Centerpoint Energy was liable for the accident, and awarded our client $89,931 in damages. With post-judgement interest, when the judgement to enter the verdict was signed, the total was $103,095.04.

$103,095.04 Verdict; attorneys’ fees were $41,238.02 and expenses were $38,928.56.

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