D&S Marine Services settle lawsuit brought by injured deckhand

Our client, Tim, worked for D&S Marine Service as a deckhand on a towing vessel, the M/V Daniel C. One day, as he was descending the stairs to the second deck, he slipped and fell, severely injuring his neck and back. The stairway was very dark and the non-skid material on the stairs was worn, making the staircase slippery. As a result of the accident, Tim required spine surgery.

At first, D&S Marine Service paid him maintenance and cure benefits. However, once they realized he was seriously injured, the payments stopped.

Tim hired our firm to help him obtain his maintenance and cure benefit payments. We filed a Jones Act lawsuit on his behalf in Harris County, Texas. Our attorneys were able to prove that D&S Marine Service had been negligent in its duty to provide a safe workplace, and that the towing vessel was unseaworthy. In addition, we proved Tim’s damages—medical bills, lost wages, physical impairment, and mental anguish. As a result, our attorneys were able to negotiate a significant settlement at mediation.

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