Greyhound pays settlement to passenger after bus accident

A Greyhound bus was driving northbound on I-57 in Franklin County, Illinois, on the way to Chicago. The bus side-swiped a fire truck that was parked partially in the shoulder and partially in the roadway. Tamesha, a passenger on the bus, hurt her neck and back in the accident. Tamesha underwent¬†a neck fusion surgery almost a year after the accident.After Greyhound denied Tamesha’s claim, she hired VB Attorneys to represent her. Suit was filed in Harris County, Texas.Greyhound and its lawyers denied that the accident caused any injury to Tamesha. They hired an accident reconstructionist, a biomechanic, and two orthopedic doctors who claimed Tamesha could not have been hurt in the wreck. VB hired experts in the same fields who contradicted the opinions of the experts hired by Greyhound. In addition, VB obtained the testimony of the investigating troopers and some of the bus passengers and ultimately proved the accident was Greyhound’s fault.

VB obtained a settlement for Tamesha at mediation. The amount was confidential. Tamesha was very pleased with the settlement.

Confidential Settlement

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