HMT settles legal case brought by injured plant worker

Mia was employed by Shamrock Farrell.  This company was hired by HMT, Inc. to provide assistance at a job at the Kinder Morgan plant in Galena Park.  During a work procedure run by HMT, Inc., a hose owned by HMT, Inc. failed and caused a high pressure stream of water to make contact with Mia, causing her to twist and fall to the ground.  Mia mainly hurt her low back in this work accident.

HMT, Inc. did not respond to Mia’s claim.  Mia hired our firm to help her with her claim. We filed a third party lawsuit in Harris County, Texas.

HMT, Inc. had insurance with Zurich Insurance Company.  Company lawyers argued that HMT, Inc. was not at fault, that it was the fault of the company that manufactured the hose that failed.

VB hired a safety engineer expert, and obtained deposition testimony that proved HMT, Inc. was responsible for Mia’s work accident.

VB attorneys negotiated a confidential settlement for Mia, paid by HMT, Inc.’s insurance company.

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