Oil and gas company settles catastrophic head injury lawsuit

oil and gas company settles catastrophic head injury lawsuit brought by field hand

Lloyd was working as a field hand for an oil and gas company when he suffered a catastrophic head injury. His company had him sit in a truck at the well site for over an hour and a half before they let him go to the Emergency Room. While they did notify the Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment team about Lloyd’s injury, they assumed since he hadn’t lost consciousness that he was fine. He wasn’t.

Lloyd suffered a concussion as well as damage to his spine. He was an active person who had been working since he was 15. From construction work to refereeing football games, Lloyd loved being active. This injury stopped him in his tracks.

While the company reported the injury and fired the forklift driver, Lloyd needed help. He turned to Byron to make sure the company fulfilled their obligations under the law.

Catastrophic head injury still affects field hand three years after oilfield injury

Three years later, Lloyd still suffers from post-concussion syndrome and nerve damage from the injuries to his spine, which prevent him from doing any manual labor or any job that requires him to sit or stand for long periods of time. With Byron’s help, Lloyd has been able to get world-class medical treatment for his injuries and is able to focus on his family. He is taking care of his mom and is looking at starting a business that accommodates his medical restrictions.

Our personal injury law firm helps oilfield workers who have been injured on the job across Texas and the United States. If you have been injured as a field hand, roughneck, supervisor, or at a well site, you may have a valuable claim. Call us at 877-724-7800 for a free, confidential case review. Our attorneys will review your case with you, answer all your questions, and help you make an informed decision about your legal rights.

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