Quick Silver Hauling pays motorcyclist with brain injury

Brian was driving his motorcycle northbound on the West Sam Houston Parkway South. He passed through a toll booth and was slowing down because traffic was slowing down in front of him. As Brian was slowing down, a commercial garbage truck rear-ended him, causing him to be thrown off of his motorcycle. The garbage truck driver was working for Quick Silver Hauling, LLC at the time of the accident.

Brian was rushed to the emergency room, and was ultimately diagnosed with a brain injury.

Brian and his wife hired our firm to handle their motorcycle accident case. We filed the case in Harris County, Texas.

We demonstrated that the garbage truck driver was not properly qualified to be driving, and that the trucking company did not properly supervise their driver. We uncovered many other violations of the Texas Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, which applied to the trucking company as well as the truck driver.

After much work on the case, we negotiated a confidential settlement for Brian and his wife. Brian and his wife were very pleased with the settlement figure for their motorcycle accident case.

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