Trucking company settles multi-car accident lawsuit

An 18 wheeler rear ended a series of cars on Highway 59 near Cleveland, Texas. One of the drivers who were hit, a boilermaker from Coldspring, Texas, injured his neck and back. He ended up having a neck fusion surgery that his doctors said was caused by the crash with the 18-wheeler. The boilermaker lost a lot of time from work due to the crash.

The boilermaker hired our firm to handle his truck lawsuit after the insurance company denied his claim. We filed suit in Harris County, Texas. At first, the insurance company for the 18-wheeler company said there was no coverage. However, we proved there was coverage. After that, the firm took several depositions and hired experts proving up the case.

The trucking company’s main defense was that the boilermaker’s car was not damaged severely, therefore, he could not have been seriously injured.  We disproved this defense by hiring a biomechanic expert who conducted an analysis and showed exactly how the boilermaker’s injuries could have resulted from this type of crash.

The case was mediated and we negotiated a settlement of $625,000.

$625,000 Settlement

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