Homeowner’s insurance settles dog bite lawsuit for policy limits

Written by Emily

While playing at a friend’s house, our young client saw a classmate walking down the street with her father’s full grown pitbull. The classmate and the dog were not supervised by adults at the time. Our client went to hug her classmate. When she hugged her friend, the dog jumped at our client and bit her on the face.

Homeowner’s insurance unsuccessfully tries to deny our client’s claim

Despite needing plastic surgery to repair the hole in her cheek, our client’s claim was denied by the homeowner’s insurance policy. The insurance company tried to argue that an injury by a pitbull was excluded by the policy. Our client and her family turned to us for help.

Lena got to work, filing a lawsuit against the dog owner personally. At that point, the homeowner’s insurance company agreed to pay out the full limits of the policy and pay an additional amount for our client’s future medical needs.

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