Job Tennant

Job Tennant

  • Graduated in the top-10 of his law school class
  • Assistant Editor in Law Review at South Texas College of Law
  • Worked under judges in both state and federal court
  • Former Briefing Attorney for Judge Larry Weiman in Harris County’s 80th District Court

Job graduated Summa Cum Laude from South Texas College of Law in downtown Houston, Texas after receiving his bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston in broadcast communications.

Prior to law school Job had many jobs (pun intended). He worked in the restaurant industry, the freight shipping industry, security, antique restoration, business-to-business sales, and radio. While each job had unique aspects that have helped Job have a more well-rounded understanding of the world radio was were he found his dream job.

After working his way up from the lowest rung in radio, Job became the producer for the #1 rated sports show in Houston while working at SportsRadio 610. However, once he mastered this position he needed a new challenge. Eventually, Job decided that he wanted to keep debating but that it needed to be about something more important than about how good Case Keenum really was. That is when he decided that law school was the best way to pursue a career he would enjoy and be able to help people with his talents

A lot of law firm websites will say that they “care about the clients,” because really it would be ridiculous to say otherwise. But the real question to ask is if their actions meet the high standard that their words have set.

“I can’t count the number of times that I have had an hour-long conversation with a client just because they were feeling unsettled since they had never been in a lawsuit before and didn’t know what to expect or just because they wanted an update on the case.”