What to do if your landlord or contractor doesn’t have flood insurance?

If your landlord or contractor told you they had purchased flood insurance when you signed your contract on your home, finding out they didn’t can add problems on top of problems if your home floods. Now on top of having to get your home repaired, buy new essentials, and rebuild your life, you won’t benefit from a resource you thought you had. It doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. We’ve compiled some ways you can still recover:

The first thing to do is buy flood insurance. You have to buy it through an insurance agent, but if your insurer doesn’t offer flood insurance, you can call FEMA’s NFIP Referral Call Center at 888-379-9531 for a referral. It takes 30 days to go into effect, and can’t be applied to a past event, but you’ll be prepared for the future.

The second thing to do is contact an attorney. You may be able to hold the landlord or contractor or whomever accountable for lying to you. Gather up everything you can – contracts, emails, letters, notes, etc. – and bring them with you when you meet with an attorney about your case. The attorney will work with you to find out if you have a legal case against the landlord or contractor and will also work with you to find out if you qualify for any other disaster assistance.

Our Houston-based attorneys know exactly what you’re going through. We want to help you rebuild and recover as quickly as possible. Contact us at 877-724-7800 for help now.

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