Stand for Texas- Delay the implementation of the “Blue Tarp” bill

I am asking our Governor and our State reps to delay the implementation of the insurance company protection bill until further notice.

Here’s the reason:

On September 1, a new insurance industry protection bill, the “Blue Tarp” bill, goes into effect, which makes it much harder for Texans to collect insurance proceeds from insurance companies that deny or delay insurance claims. This bill applies to consumers AND businesses.

Over the past few days, I have read stories from unsavory politicians and unsavory lawyers that the new bill doesn’t change much of anything. This is 100% false. The whole point of the bill was to make it harder to bring claims against insurance companies. Why would they implement a new law like this otherwise? Just for fun? Of course not.

Go read the new bill yourself if you don’t believe me (HB1774). Here’s a link:

Rather than fuss about it, though, there is an obvious solution:

We as Texans should respectfully ask Governor Abbott and our representatives from both sides of the aisle to suspend this new law until further notice, so people can focus on important things like their families and their homes without the added burden of worrying about whether they need to make an insurance claim in the next two days.

Let’s stand together and stand up for our fellow Texans in their moment of need. Governor Abbott, please, I am respectfully asking you to suspend the new insurance bill (HB 1774) until further notice. To do otherwise is morally unacceptable.

Contact Governor Abbott at: or call him at (800) 843-5789.

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