“I would definitely recommend Brian to anyone.”

“Hi, my name is Kristin. And I was injured in an accident where I was a pedestrian in a parking lot hit by a car. I ended up having multiple injuries from that. And the chiropractor that I was working with recommended a lawyer to me and I started working with him. And over about a year, I just ran into a lot of problems with him not calling me back, me feeling like he wasn’t understanding what was going on. I still had pain in my knee that he didn’t address. And he wanted me to settle for practically nothing.“And, a friend of mine who heard about my situation recommended Brian to me. Her husband had used Brian before and had great results.“And so I spoke with Brian about the situation and he was willing to step in and really take care of it. He just took over and I just felt so much better about everything. And within a couple months, he settled my case for  the insurance limits and I was able to get the knee surgery that I needed and have plenty left over. And it’s just been a great experience.“I really enjoyed working with Patti. She’s really quick to answer email and phone calls and just anything that you need. And I would definitely recommend Brian and Patti to anyone.”Kristin T, Local Beautician hit by car, Houston, Tx
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