“I feel very blessed to have had Curtis on my side.”

Julie suffered the consequences of a major retailer’s decision to put profits over people. The company failed to provide its employees with a safe work environment. And when these unsafe conditions resulted in permanent damage to Julie’s wrist, she needed help – both medically and financially. Her company turned around and terminated her when they found out she hired us for her work injury lawsuit. Curtis helped Julie hold the company accountable for putting profits over people and for failing to do the right thing when Julie got hurt. After her case settled, Julie talked about her experience working with us, saying:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Curtis, Linda, and all the staff of VB Attorneys for being amazing during my case. Curtis fought hard for me and during the process became a friend as well as always having my best interests at heart. I feel very blessed to have had him on my side and for the settlement he won. I will be forever grateful for the time and diligence he demonstrated during this whole process.

“I would not hesitate in referring VB Attorneys to anyone who needs help.

“All our very best wishes from myself and my family for the future.”

Julie G., Mother who was hurt working for a major retailer, Houston, Texas

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One thought on ““I feel very blessed to have had Curtis on my side.””

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