“Don’t settle for anything less! Hire VB Attorneys.”

“There are truly no words that I could express that would be sufficient enough to give this law firm the credit it deserves.

“I came to the end of my rope, and the thought of giving up on finding an attorney was a serious option.

“I finally came across VB Attorneys and realized one thing. That without a doubt in my mind, I and everyone else with a personal injury accident is wasting their time being represented by anyone else. When you’re 23 years old and your doctor tells you that the benzene has caused a condition that could lead to a fatal disease, it can be very stressful. Then add a lawsuit on top of that.

“I want to personally thank Patti Artavia for lifting that stress right off my shoulders. She was there step by step throughout the entire process. Her dedication and helpfulness goes far beyond what is expected. With her help, i was able to focus everything on getting healthier.

“Ken Fenelon defines a great lawyer. He’s smart, confident, agressive, and a damn good negotiator. Watching this man work was envious. He was able to negotiate a six figure settlement 7 months after we filed the lawsuit.

“With confidence I’ve never felt before, I’m here to tell you that you will be settling for less than what you deserve if you don’t let VB Attorneys represent you.”

Devon M., deckhand exposed to benzene, Troy, New York

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