“My attorney never gave up. I owe a lifetime of thanks to Curtis.”

“I had a oil field accident that was caused by drilling hand’s carelessness ! It has taken two surgerys try to correct my injury. And after three long years I’m still under a doctor’s care , they have me only working no more then 12 hours aday. Going to have injection this week so I can get around. Can’t find work like I use to have. The only work I have found is a part time job maken $10 an hour. Not enough to even pay my bills.

“I worry so much that we are going to lose everything and be homeless that I’m on blood pressure meds, never have we been in such crisis then we have from this accident. But VB attorney Curtis and his paralegal Linda been so helpful getting the money to help us reset our life and get all this behind us.

“If you ever need attorney that truly cares about you and will take on the big energy companies and these drilling companies then you need VB attorneys. I have about given up but My attorney and his staff never gave up. I owe a life time of thanks To Curtis and his staff for a job well done !!!”

Jerry B., Field Tech Injured in Oilfield Accident, Texas

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