After a career-ending injury, VB Attorneys were right there


Ralph had been working as a tankerman for almost ten years when his career was cut short by an injury. One day at work, he was carrying a crossover hose with a coworker when he tripped and fell onto a deck fitting. Ralph’s company, Kirby, didn’t follow their own safety rules concerning moving these crossover hoses, which are very heavy. Kirby tried to deny his Jones Act injury claim so he hired us to help him, and we were able to settle his case favorably for a confidential amount.

After his case settled, he sat down with us to share his experience working with us on his case:

“Hi, my name is Ralph Figgs. I was injured working offshore. I hired VB Attorneys. Sean took the case, worked it up – took approximately three years. During that process, they answered all my questions, returned all my calls, my emails, anything I needed assistance with, they would help me. They helped me – they were right there. I’m very happy with the settlement I received due to their work.”

Although Ralph’s injury was career-ending, the settlement will provide for his future medical needs and for him to go to school.

Ralph F., Tankerman, Houston, Tx

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