“If you’re injured offshore… these guys are the best.”

Marven hired us to help him after Gulfmark and ENSCO tried to blame him for injuring his shoulder. He’d been working on an ENSCO ship in the Gulf of Mexico when he was faced with an emergency safety situation and had to get a valve shut off right away. In the process, he injured his shoulder and needed several surgeries. Brian and Vuk worked up his case and were able to obtain a satisfactory settlement for Marven.

After his case settled, Marven sat down to talk about his experience working with us on his case. He says:

“Hi, my name’s Marven. I was injured working offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. After a couple of surgeries, I interviewed some attorneys and ended up here with V and B. Brian and Vuk had my case. They actually had my back. I’m extremely happy with this firm.

“And these two guys, they’re pretty much absolute barracudas. They’re tough. And they certainly had my back – and Miss Patti had their back. So that made it all real smooth and slick and comfortable. If you’re injured offshore, you want to talk to these guys because they’re absolutely the best.”

Marven, Offshore engineer injured working on an ENSCO ship, Corpus Christi, Tx

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