VB Attorneys matches donations for Harvey rescue workers

VB Attorneys will match your donations.

As the full impact of Harvey hits Houston and the Texas Coast, Americares is on the ground, helping the helpers. The people risking their lives to rescue our neighbors, loved ones, friends, and fellow Houstonians receive crucial support from Americares.

Americares saves lives and improves health for people affected by poverty or disaster so they can reach their full potential.This organization is in Texas right now, distributing water and aid as well as mobilizing medical outreach with our local partners. Thousands and thousands of our fellow Texans are in desperate need of aid, medicine and basic supplies. Help us help the helpers.

Every little bit makes a huge difference. The impact Harvey will have on our region is just beginning, and we at VB Attorneys want to do everything possible to help our city, our region, and our state recover.

VB Attorneys has been based in Houston since 2004. We help people who need help getting the insurance company to do the right thing and compensate them fairly. Find out more about all the ways we’re helping Harvey victims or call us at 877-724-7800 if you need help in the aftermath of Harvey.

Click HERE to donate to Americares. 

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