18-wheeler crash injury victim hires VB Attorneys to represent him

Written by Ashley

A driver injured when an 18-wheeler crashed into him has hired VB Attorneys to ensure that his rights are protected. On September 5, 2018, our client was driving on Aldine Westfield Road, near Beltway 8 in Houston, Texas when an 18-wheeler exiting from a private driveway crashed into the passenger side of his vehicle.

The impact caused serious damage to our client’s car for which the 18-wheeler’s insurance company has accepted liability. Since the crash, our client has dealt with extreme soreness and pain and is currently undergoing medical treatment.     

This case is currently in the investigation stage but we will provide updates as it progresses. 

Trucking companies are responsible for following federal safety rules and ensuring their drivers do as well. However, all too often serious 18-wheeler accidents happen.  Find out the top 5 causes of 18-wheeler crashes.

If you have been in a similar type of 18-wheeler wreck, find out how we can help you! Call us at (877) 724-7800 or fill out our free, confidential contact form.



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