Houston injury attorney Brian Beckcom on fighting the insurance company

Written by Emily

Insurance companies won’t pay you unless you make them. Insurance companies are notorious for doing everything they can to avoid paying out large settlements to accident victims. While you’re busy trying to get your life back, the insurance company is going to have an adjuster contact you. This person is probably going to start out being pretty friendly with you, acting concerned about you and seeming like they want to help. However, don’t trust the insurance company. We say it over and over again—the insurance company is not on your side.They count on the fact that they can outlast and outsmart you. They play tricks on you so that you give up and take the tiny settlement they’re offering. Because of this, 90% of people settle for less than what is fair because they’re tired of fighting the insurance company.

You can be in the other 10%. When you hire a lawyer to fight the insurance company for you, you can focus on getting your life back while we battle it out. Their adjusters won’t be able to play tricks on you and find ways to deny your claim. You won’t be another statistic. When you hire VB Attorneys to fight the insurance company for you, they know we won’t let them get away with paying you anything less than what you deserve.

The insurance company is fighting to pay their shareholders. There is nothing wrong with making money—it is something we all need to do—but many of these insurance companies are in the business of maximizing their value to their shareholders. They need to make a big profit to keep their shareholders happy. This means that they are motivated to limit how much they pay out for claims. To them, you’re a claim number. To us, you’re a person. We’re fighting for you. We’ve got the resources, talent, and track record to take your case to trial and win.

The longer you wait to consult with our team, the less chance you have of beating the insurance company. Time is not on your side. Call us now at 877-724-7800. We look forward to helping you.

Emily Corwin


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