Roustabout injured on Rowan Companies rig hires VB Attorneys

Written by Emily

A lawsuit against Rowan Companies has been filed by VB Attorneys on behalf of a roustabout injured on a Rowan jack-up rig. VB Attorneys has previously sued Rowan for failing to provide a maintenance worker with a safe place to work.

Rowan Companies have a history of safety violations in the United States and abroad. OSHA and Norway’s Petroleum Safety Authority have both found Rowan in violation of safety regulations in recent years. With over 2,800 employees worldwide crewing 23 jack-up rigs and four ultra deepwater drillships, Rowan has a legal obligation to provide every employee with a safe place to work. Maritime law requires companies such as Rowan to comply with the Jones Act. The Jones Act requires companies to provide workers with the training, equipment and supervision to do their jobs safely as well as a safe work environment. If workers are injured on the job, the companies are required to provide them with medical care and to pay them a daily wage while they recover. If the company doesn’t follow some or any of these rules, the worker can file a Jones Act lawsuit against the company.

VB Attorneys’ client hired the firm after he was injured working as a roustabout on a jack-up rig in 2017. VB Attorneys filed a Jones Act lawsuit against Rowan in Harris County District Court on March 5, 2018. The lawsuit alleges the jack-up rig was unseaworthy, that Rowan failed to provide the injured roustabout with a safe place to work, and that Rowan has failed to pay the roustabout Maintenance and Cure. VB Attorneys’ client is suing Rowan for more than $1,000,000.

To learn more about this case and how VB Attorneys helps injured maritime workers hold  their companies accountable for safety failures, call VB Attorneys at 877-724-7800.

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