The number one predictor of success

“Grit” – perseverance and passion for long term goals.

At VB Attorneys, we represent a lot of people who’ve suffered severe, life-altering injuries. I’ve been inspired time and again by clients of mine who have faced incredible odds just getting back on their feet again. When I see one of my badly injured clients fighting to get better, to get back to work, to make a life for themselves, it inspires me to fight with them, to battle with them, and to never, ever give up.

Study after study has confirmed that the number one predictor of success isn’t intelligence. It isn’t who you know, or where you were born. It isn’t how much money you have, or how you look. The number one factor for success is grit. Perseverance. Determination. Never giving up.

To list just a few examples, a study at West Point showed that the cadets who had the most perseverance performed better than those who may have seemed smarter, or had better leadership skills. Students at Ivy League schools who show determination and grit had higher GPAs than those who entered college with higher test scores. Top finishers in the National Spelling Bee weren’t any smarter than their peers – but on average, they worked harder and spent more time honing their skills.

When I left for college two decades ago, my dad bought me a book of sports pictures. The title of the book was, Never Quit. The book was loaded with photographs of athletes persevering to victory. Athletes fighting through adversity, injury, obstacles, and never giving up.

My dad wrote me a long message in the front of the book. His basic message was, “never, ever quit. Never give up. Perseverance wins.”

It’s a message I’ve never forgotten.

You can’t beat someone who never quits. If you just keep getting up, working hard, fighting, believing in yourself and your long-term goals, then eventually, you will succeed.

Don’t quit. Continue fighting, working hard, and overcoming obstacles.

Persistence wins.

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