Farmer’s Insurance hit with verdict in car wreck lawsuit

Micah was driving a Grand Prix and was stopped at a red light on the I-45 service road in Houston, Texas. A Ford F-150 rear ended the Grand Prix.  Micah primarily hurt his knee in the crash. Micah ended up having arthroscopic knee surgery about a year after the accident.

The driver of the Ford F-150 was insured by Farmers Insurance. Farmers Insurance denied Micah’s claim. Micah then hired VB Attorneys to represent him. After VB worked up the case, Farmers Insurance offered $75,000 to settle. Micah rejected the offer.

VB tried the case to a jury verdict in Harris County, Texas. The jury rendered a verdict in favor of Micah for $133,848. After interest and costs, the final judgment is expected to approach $150,000. Attorney fees were $60,000, and litigation expenses were $17,000.

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