Genie Industries settles defective scissor lift lawsuit

A scissor lift and a group of aerial boom lifts reach up toward a blue sky

Olban was working for a sub-contractor at a construction site in Brenham, Texas. Olban was working on a work platform of a scissor lift that was elevated twenty feet. As Olban was taking some measurements, he leaned against the entry chain of the scissor lift. The entry chain came loose and Olban fell to the concrete ground.

Olban suffered several injuries and sustained a brain injury in this construction accident.

Olban hired VB Attorneys to evaluate whether he had a case against the manufacturer of the scissor lift, Genie Industries, Inc. or the rental company that supplied the scissor lift, Rental Service Corporation.

VB lawyers determined that there was a marketing and design defect with the entry chain on the scissor lift which allowed Olban to fall out of it. The lawsuit was filed in Harris County, Texas. Lawyers for the companies tried to transfer the case so it would go to trial in a less desirable county, however, VB Attorneys defeated this motion.

VB lawyers retained numerous experts who supported Olban’s liability case based on defects in the scissor lift, as well as Olban’s injury case. VB obtained a settlement from the manufacturer and supplier of the scissor lift. A portion of the money going to Olban will be placed in a financial arrangement that will pay him over many years in the future.

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