Iron Mountain settles lawsuit brought by tow truck driver

Jack C. was driving his tow truck in stop and go traffic on the Northwest Freeway in Houston, Texas when he was rear ended by an Iron Mountain van.  Jack mainly hurt his neck in the crash. Jack hired our firm to handle his case.

The firm filed the lawsuit in Harris County, Texas. Iron Mountain’s insurance company, Zurich American, hired lawyers to defend the company. The company’s lawyers argued the crash was Jack’s fault for stopping too fast. The insurance appointed lawyers also argued the crash was nobody’s fault, rather, it was just an “accident.”

We obtained deposition testimony from the Iron Mountain driver and his bosses. Through this testimony, the firm established not only that this crash was 100% the fault of the Iron Mountain driver, but that this driver had a history of prior crashes and therefore the company never should have allowed him to be behind the wheel of a company vehicle in the first place. At this point, the company and its lawyers had no choice but to concede Iron Mountain was at fault for the crash.

Jack’s doctors performed neck surgery on him, and the results were fantastic. Iron Mountain’s lawyers hired investigators who secretly videotaped Jack pushing a full-sized vehicle all by himself.

Jack did not make any claim for lost wages in the past or future.

We resolved the case for Jack for $325,000. This settlement was achieved less than fifteen months after the crash. Attorney’s fees are $130,000, and litigation expenses are $14,000.

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