Mayco Wellchem settles case brought by oilfield workers

An oil field truck owned and operated by Mayco Wellchem, Inc. rear-ended a pickup truck occupied by two oilfield workers. The company had insurance with Travelers, with a maximum of $1,000,000.After Travelers played games with the oilfield workers, they hired VB Attorneys to help them. The lawsuit was filed in Harris County, Texas.Each of the oilfield workers suffered primary injuries to their spines, including several herniated discs. VB Attorneys fully worked up the case and helped these oilfield workers receive the medical treatment they needed.The case was scheduled for mediation.  At mediation, Travelers claimed they had recently changed adjusters on the file and had not had an opportunity to correctly evaluate the claim. Translation: mediation was a complete waste of time and money for everyone involved. Even worse, this is a known tactic that insurance companies employ when trying to get injury victims to take lower settlements on their cases.Travelers wanted to schedule a second mediation in the ensuing weeks. VB Attorneys declined this invitation and said that if Travelers did not want to negotiate now, the case would be tried to a jury verdict.Shortly thereafter, VB Attorneys reached a settlement with Travelers in the amount of $935,000. The clients were very pleased with this outcome.

$935,000 Settlement; attorney’s fees were $420,750 and expenses were $184,043.29.

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