Success by Brian Beckcom, Personal Injury Lawyer

Success by Brian Beckcom

Most of us are interested in leading a meaningful life, a “successful” life. We are interested in succeeding professionally, personally, and spiritually. We want to ensure that when we look back on the arc of our lives and the end of our days that we can feel like we succeeded in what we set out to do.

But how do you even know if you “succeeded” in any real sense of the word? How do you define and measure success? If you play sports, it’s easy. Whoever scores the most points or has the lowest score to par or gets the highest ranking or wins the national championship clearly “succeeded” at what they set out to do. If you take a test at school and get an “A,” then clearly you’ve succeeded there as well. When we get away from specific, measurable events like sports or tests or similar things, however, defining success gets more difficult. And because it gets harder to define, it’s also harder to know whether you’ve succeeded or not.

So how do you define success in your life? I used to think success was about how many dollars you accumulated or how famous you became or how many toys you bought or how many medals and awards you won. Not anymore. To me, success is more about trying to figure out what I value most – family, friendship, learning, helping other people – and then trying to be better at the things I value.

I know I’ve succeeded when I’ve devoted time and effort to what I value most. This book is a compilation of my essays on success. I hope they inspire you.

When you read the second edition, you will find three sections – Mindset, Organize, and Strategy. I believe you need to get into a success-oriented mindset to be able to implement success strategies in your personal and professional life and have organized this book to help you get in the success mindset so you can put success strategies to work right away.